What is a Snare Drum

What is a Snare Drum

The snare drum is a musical instrument in the percussion family. It is an essential part of the drum set (drum kit). The snare drum is part of the marching bands, drumlines, parades, concert bands, rock bands and also modern music. The drum has two drum heads which are made of plastic or animal hides …

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playing Djembe

How To Play a Djembe

Djembe which is pronounced as jembe is a West African originated drum that has its root in Bambara (Mali). Just like some of the other percussions, the goblet-shaped drum is played with bare hands. Have you ever heard of a mystical tale about a musical instrument? Well… The djembe drum gives you an intriguing story. …

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Playing Doumbek

How To Play a Doumbek

The Doumbek has varieties of names; some call it Darbuka, Derbeki, or Tumbak. So don’t get confused when you hear such names, they are all referring to the percussion instrument that has a shape of a goblet. History of the Doumbek The Doumbek Drum is an ancient percussion instrument originated from the Middle East. The …

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Playing Conga

How To Play a Conga

The conga is a musical instrument (percussion), it is also called the tumbadora, and the players are called congueros and congueras. The conga drum is a tall and barrel-shaped Afro-Cuban drum that has a single drumhead. The birth of Conga The rhythm of the conga has its roots in Cuba and Africa; therefore, it is …

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Play the Tabla

How to Play the Tabla

Before you conclude, they are not another set of bongos. It is called the Tabla, although it looks like the bongos. The word TABLA is from the Arabian and the Persian word TABL which means drum. It is a South Asian membranophone, in other words, the tabla mainly produces sound through a vibrating stretched membrane. …

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playing Udu drum

How To Play an Udu Drum

The Udu drum musical instrument takes us to one of the West Africa. The Udu drum originated from the Igbo tribe of the eastern part of Nigeria. One of the intriguing things about this instrument is, it is created and developed by women. History of the Udu drum Among the African musical instruments, the percussion …

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