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How To Make An Ocean Drum

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Ocean drum is a very simple musical instrument that creates a sound of waves on the beach. It is a great tool for relaxation, but it can also be a great addition to the band. You can roll it, shake it, or tap on it – each technique will give you a beautiful and unique sound. More than that, you don’t have to be a professional musician to start creating the ‘ocean’ music.

Making own ocean drum is very easy too. There is a super simple version suitable for little kids, a bit more complicated but more fun one for older children and an advanced way to create an ocean drum for adults. Let’s start with the very simple way of making own musical instrument first.


Super Simple Version

You can use a variety of materials for the core, just check what you have in your recycle bin. A closed plastic container or a cartoon mailing box can become handy. Just put inside different kind of small fillings – sand, small pasta, dried beans, sunflower seeds, and pebbles. Every filling will make a different sound, so there are plenty ways to experiment. Make sure you put a scotch tape or masking tape to all the seams of your box, so the small elements will not fall out while shaking. It can also be decorated with the marina scenes – just cut some fish and seaweed shapes from the colored paper and glue it to your new drum. Ready to play!

Simple Version

First, go to a local pizza place and ask for some small sturdy pizza boxes and salad bar containers. Cut the ‘windows’ in the pizza boxes, and attach sturdy clear plastic from the salad containers instead of glass with a help of a very strong masking tape. After that put the filling inside. Remember that pasta and pebbles will make louder sounds, and beans and seeds can create milder tunes. So, you can even make your own orchestra with a few ocean drums. Afterward, the pizza boxed can be painted with own palm-prints or any ornaments you can think about. It can be such an amazing experience to do as a family activity!

Advanced Version

For the musicians who want to use their ocean drum in a more professional way, there is an advanced version of an ocean drum. First, you should search a wooden box. It is better if you can find a box, made of a Paulownia or Kili – a type of wood, traditional to Japanese culture. Put a few small same-size pebbles inside. Use a piece of plastic turf grass mat, cutting it to fit the shape of the box and pierce every hole with a short plastic needle. Close the box and make sure it is secured. Decorate the box, if you want, and play it for your pleasure.

There are two main rules in making an ocean drum that you should remember: use your imagination in anything you do and make it with love.

Here’s a Demo of Ocean Drum

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