Handpan 9 Notes (D Minor) with Softcase and Cover Shell

History of The Handpan

The Handpan If you have heard of Pantheon Steel, an America steel pan producer, you must have heard of the musical instrument called the handpan which has different scales and vibe of mystery to its tone. The birth of the handpan A musical instrument called Trinidad steel drum was first noticed in the whole of …

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What is a Gong

What is a Gong

The Gong is a flat circular metal disc percussion that is used in various ways including yoga healing section. The sound of this musical instrument “gong” is mystical, don’t you think so? Not just the shape, but also the sound it produces. There are many gongs for sale in the market. Here’s the history and …

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The Bass drum

What is a Bass Drum

The Bass drum is from the percussion family that has the deepest sound of the drum family. The bass drum speaks the biggest and the boldest both in sound and in size. A traditional bass drum has a shape of a cylinder, and the diameter is greater than the depth. The drumhead is made of …

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