Bongo Drums history

History of Bongo Drums and How To Play

The popular social and much sought-after dance (salsa) would not have been more fascinating to watch if not for the Afro-Cuban percussion instrument bongo. The bongo is a pair of small drums of different sizes; they are called hembra and macho. The hembra is the bigger size which means female in Spanish and the macho…Well, …

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Ashiko and Djembe

Difference Between the Ashiko and Djembe drum

The Ashiko has a spectacular and beautiful voice. It is an ethnic drum that is played in the sub-Saharan Africa and also in America such as Cuba. The docked shaped musical instrument originated from the West Africa specifically among the Yoruba and the Benin people in Nigeria. The Ashiko is one of my favorite musical …

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talking drum history

History and How to Play The Talking Drum

The talking drum is one of the oldest yet popular West Africa musical instruments. It has an hourglass shape and two drumheads; they are linked with leather tension cords. The player can modulate the pitch of the drum by pressing the cords between the arm and body. The talking drum is capable of capturing the …

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Handpan 9 Notes (D Minor) with Softcase and Cover Shell

History of The Handpan

The Handpan If you have heard of Pantheon Steel, an America steel pan producer, you must have heard of the musical instrument called the handpan which has different scales and vibe of mystery to its tone. The birth of the handpan A musical instrument called Trinidad steel drum was first noticed in the whole of …

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History of Bodhrans

History of Bodhrans and Frame Drums

To know more about the bodhran, one needs to understand the meaning of frame drum. What is a Frame Drum? A frame drum is a musical instrument that has been in existence for years. It is said to be the very first drum that was created. The Frame drum is a round wooden frame that …

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tambourine history

History of the Tambourine

I am sure you would like to know about the musical history of the tambourine first before getting to understand the mounted part. The tambourine is a percussion instrument which is made up of a wooden or plastic frame with pairs of zils (metal jingles). Origin The tambourine can be traced down to Egypt and …

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play the Bar Chimes

How to play the Bar Chimes

The bar chimes is a musical instrument in the percussion family that is designed to give color to music; the effect of the bar chimes can be magical and ethereal. It is also known as mark tree and chime tree. It has several cylindrical chimes made of metal. The sizes of the chimes are different; …

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cowbells instrument

How to Play the Cowbell

The cowbell is a percussion instrument that produces sounds solely by the use of its body as a vibration without using membrane or strings. We can find the effect of the cowbell in various genres of music such as salsa and occasionally popular music. There are many cowbells for sale in the market, but first …

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What is a Gong

What is a Gong

The Gong is a flat circular metal disc percussion that is used in various ways including yoga healing section. The sound of this musical instrument “gong” is mystical, don’t you think so? Not just the shape, but also the sound it produces. There are many gongs for sale in the market. Here’s the history and …

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The Bass drum

What is a Bass Drum

The Bass drum is from the percussion family that has the deepest sound of the drum family. The bass drum speaks the biggest and the boldest both in sound and in size. A traditional bass drum has a shape of a cylinder, and the diameter is greater than the depth. The drumhead is made of …

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