HAPI HDMINIDAKE Mini Steel Tongue Percussion Drum - D Akebono with FREE padded travel bag

9 Best Steel Tongue Drums 2023 Reviews and Top Picks

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A steel tongue drum (also known as a hank drum or tank drum), is a round steel slit made from an empty propane tank. Over the years, manufacturers have perfectly designed their drums with a beautiful aesthetic appearance and amazing sound quality.

Here’s our list of the best steel tongue drums that are currently for sale:

NameNotesAvailable ScalesLowest Price Available
Zenko Akebono9AkebonoClick here!
HAPI Mini 8Akebono (D) E F A Bb D E F or C MajorClick here!
Guda Freezbee8Custom Scale On RequestClick here!
Idiopan Domina 12-Inch8C major scale (can be tuned to)Click here!
Neo 99Custom ScaleClick here!
Crystal Energy 10” 9C majorClick here!
Single Vibedrum Aqua9E minor PentatonicClick here!
Dobani 12-Inch8Tanpura TuningClick here!
Asmuse8C major Pentatonic ScaleClick here!


#1. ZENKO AKEBONO Steel Tongue Drum

ZENKO AKEBONO - Steel Tongue Drum - 9 tones - Intuitive musical instrument

This is a steel tongue drum (also referred to as a hank drum or tank drum) which has been designed and built by Metals Sounds. The instrument is a result of a rigorous research and development program led by a team from Metal Sounds in coordination with a number of scientists and professionals in the metal industry.

The raw material used to make the instrument, the cutting of the blades, assembly of the product, and the finish have all been finely crafted and this tongue drum spreads its sound in very smooth waves. The perfect tuning of this percussion instrument results in beautiful harmonics and can be played with mallets or by hand.

The note in the center emits a deep bass sound which is used as a pivot. It is tuned to a pentatonic mode scale, one of the best scales in musical therapy and relaxation. This instrument can be played while standing or on a stand that is collapsible and adjustable, designed specifically for the instrument.

  • Weight: 6.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.6 x 12.6 x 5.1 inches

#2. HAPI HDMINIDAKE Mini Steel Tongue Percussion Drum

HAPI HDMINIDAKE Mini Steel Tongue Percussion Drum - D Akebono with FREE padded travel bag

A beautiful copper-colored steel tongue drum, the HAPI HDMINIDAKE is a compact steel tongue drum. If you want an easy and intuitive musical instrument to play, then the HAPI steel drum is perfect. It uses a patented eight-note layout and has strong meditative tones.

With rubber feet, the drum can be set up anywhere and still sounds great, and if you’re wanting a less expensive instrument that still has some of the resonance and tone options then steel tongue drums are good options. The HAPI Mini features:

  • A smaller size, perfect for travelers
  • Has rubber feet on the base of the drum that isolates the sound, making it playable on any surface
  • Comes with high-quality rubber mallets

The main difference between a steel tongue drum and a handpan is the sensitivity in playing. It can more difficult to produce a clear sound with just fingers and so mallets are provided to combat this. Despite its tiny size it rings out clear and true and has a great sound and the reasonable price means it’s ideal for someone wanting to explore whether steel handpan drumming is for them before committing to a thousand dollar purchase.

  • Dimensions: 8″ (20.5 cm) wide by 5.5″ (13.97 cm) high.
  • Weight: 3.4 lbs (1.54 kg).

#3. Guda Freezbee Drum

Freezbee Drum with Durable Gig Bag. Handpan, Steel Tongue Drum

Freezbee is a unique handmade steel tongue drum that is loud and responds well to being played by hand (unusual for most steel tongue drums). Freezbee is built out of stainless steel and decorated by hand. Its percussive sound and number of overtones make it ideal for outdoor gigs.

Smaller than a handpan, it offers more portability, sustained resonance, beautiful design, and mallets for playing. Freezbee is an ideal instrument for someone who wants to keep their instrument in a living area for quick access, and because of its design, it looks great, can be easily stored, and will complement any area it’s in.

Made from especially hard steel, the Guda Freezbee now holds its tuning for longer and is more durable, and was designed to sound more percussive than a typical steel tongue drum.

  • Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14.6 x 14.6 x 3.4 inches

#4. Idiopan Domina 12-Inch Tunable Steel Tongue Drum

Idiopan Domina 12-Inch Tunable Steel Tongue Drum - Dark Cherry

This is a very beautiful, well-constructed, and extremely sturdy musical instrument. When played using the mallets it has a soothing and resonant sound. This is a steel tongue drum that arrives already tuned to C Major pentatonic scale and each drum can be tuned to a specific scale on request. Though it sounds great with mallets, it needs amplification to be played by hand.

  • Crafted in the USA from American Steel
  • 8-Note, Tunable to Hundreds of scales
  • Comes tuned to C Major pentatonic G3 / C4 D4 E4 G4 A4 C5 D5
  • Includes Pair of Mallets
  • Maintenance Free Powder Coated Finish

The Idiopan has a warmer sound than previous models and as a bonus also includes free shipping. For a mid-range steel tongue drum, this is a good choice out of the selection.

  • Weight: 7.55 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 6 inches

#5. NEO 9 Tongue Drum

NEO 9 with Durable Gig Bag and Rope decoration. Handpan, Pantam, Steel Tongue Drum

This uniquely handmade tongue drum was designed to sound good played with mallets or by hand. As the makers’ state, the motivation behind making this steel tongue drum compact is so that the size is more comfortable when being played on your lap while keeping all the benefits of full-sized models.

Its convex shape positively affects the sound and gives it a greater amount of color and volume in each note. Made out of stainless steel, it is thicker than the previous model, ensuring an amazing clarity of sound.

The Neo 9 can be tuned from as low as D3 right up to E5, and this means the possibilities for customizable scales are extended to most keys. Bright top notes and crisp bass notes make this model a clear winner, and the higher price for this instrument is reflected in the higher quality sound you get.

  • Weight: 8 pounds

#6. Crystal Energy Bowls 10″ Steel Tongue Drum

10 Steel Tongue Drum Bag included- C Major Natural Scale Black

At only 10 inches wide, this is an amazing small steel tongue drum. Tuned to the C Major scale it has eight notes (C D E F G A B C) and comes with two rubber mallets and a bag. This is a perfect drum for beginners or for children due to its scale and size. It features:

  • 10 different colors (green, red, blue, black, purple, pearl, orange, silver, grey, and plum)
  • Mallets
  • A carry bag

Light-weight, brightly colored, wear and tear-resistant, the 10” Steel Tongue Drum is a solidly made entry-level steel tongue drum.

  • Weight: 6.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 12.2 x 7.5 inches

#7. Single VibeDrum E Minor Pentatonic

Single VibeDrum - Tropical Sparkle - E-Minor Pentatonic Scale - 9 Notes - Handpan Hand Drum

The Single Vibedrum gives the buyer good value for their money because the makers have plated it with 100% zinc on the interior and exterior in order to protect it against elements. It comes with specially made mallets, a soft fleece liner bag, and a heavy-duty bag for travel. Made in Arizona, the resonating chamber has been designed for improved harmonics and ongoing resonance long after the note has been played.

For such a brightly colored glittering instrument, the tone is warm and mature and it’s easy to produce clear sounds with either hands or mallets. The tropical sparkling metallic coating is also more environmentally friendly than etching with acid or spraying with paints that contain VOCs. This means that not only are you recycling a used butane tank, but the production process of the new instrument is not harmful to the planet.

  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 8 inches

#8. DOBANI 12-Inch Steel Tongue Drum

DOBANI 12-Inch Steel Tongue Drum, Tanpura Tuning - Antique Bronze

The Dobani 12-inch tongue drum with a Bhopali tuning is a beautiful instrument. Bhopali is also referred to as Bhoop and is a scale derived from a classical raga of Hindustan. This instrument’s 5 note scale does an amazing job of creating a really pensive and meditational mood. The drum comes with mallets and a travel bag.

The Dobani comes with free shipping, and despite being the second cheapest option for steel tongue drums it is the best value for money. An antique bronze powder coating gives it a professional finish and out of all the drums, this one has the most amount left in stock. The sound, look and price for this steel tongue drum are great.

  • Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 3 inches

#9. Asmuse Steel Tongue Drum

asmuse steel tongue drum

Made from stainless steel dull polish, Asmuse Steel Tongue Drum comes with abundant and highly contrasting features that resemble the quality of traditional Chinese musical instruments. This version of Asmuse has 8 Tongues on C major Pentatonic Scale. Also included in the package is a pair of a mallet, a mallet bracket, a tonic sticker, and a nylon travel bag.

Just like other tongue drums, Asmuse also helps enhance one’s imagination, concentration, memory, and even one’s physical and mental health. Its high-quality, resonant, and melodious sound also makes a great accompaniment for yoga meditation, mind healing, psychological therapy, zen, and other practices that helps you release your pressure.

What makes Asmuse totally different from other tongue drums is its convenience as it makes not just a great instrument but also a nice present and a great house decor.

  • Weight: 4.88 pounds
  • Dimension: 9 inches
  • Thickness: 3.94 inches
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