Best Tumbadora Drums For Sale Reviews

8 Best Tumba Drums for 2023 Reviews and Top Picks

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Traditional drums vary depending on their pitches, beats, tempo, appearance, and appeal in musical genres. Generally, drums are percussion types of musical instruments and they typically lead the band due to their strong and impactful rhythmic beats.

A Tumba drum is a popular percussion instrument that belongs to the overall drum family. It is described as a long thin drum with high pitches and incredible beats when hit with a mallet or palm. Historically speaking, it was originated from Africa and Eastern Cuba and often played during dance ceremonies.

Today, the Tumba was still famous because of its amazing style that can modulate beats and tempo as well as add power to the music. For interested buyers like you, consider these best choices of Tumbas and take a closer look at their product reviews namely Latin Percussion, Meinl Percussion, Tycoon Percussion, and Gon Bops.

PictureProduct NameToday's Special Price
LP LP552X Classic TumbaCheck here!
Latin Percussion LPA612-VSB Check here!
Meinl Percussion LC1212NT-M Check here!
Tycoon Percussion Hand Crafted Pinstripe Series Check here!
Latin Percussion LPA612-DW Check here!
Latin Percussion LP Classic ModelCheck here!
Gon Bops Mariano SeriesCheck here!
Meinl Designer Fibercraft TumbaCheck here!


#1. LP LP552X Classic Tumbadora

LP LP552X Classic Tumbadora

Perform deep, mid, and high beating sounds using these remarkable creations of Latin Percussion. It is made originally from Siam Oak wood and often produces traditional folk music. The appearance of this drum is definitely of high quality because of the smooth, flawless, and natural wooden surface.

It is also comfortable to play since it is secured with silver plates on the sides to have a sturdy foundation and produce a better tuning system. Overall, the quality of this drum is spontaneous and its price speaks for itself.

To know more about its specifications, its model number is LP552X-AWC and when it comes to its physical measurements, it is as heavy as 34.8 pounds while the surface area of the musical instrument is 32 x 18 x 16.2 inches.

#2. Latin Percussion LPA612-VSB

Latin Percussion LPA612-VSB LP Aspire Wood Tumba

Groove to the rhythms, fast tempo, and beats of this amazing drum available at a standard price yet consist of premium quality! It is built with Aspire and Siam Oakwood for a classical wooden-inspired tune. The outlook of the musical instrument seems vintage in its style because of the natural wood varnish of its surface hence, it makes the drum sleek and smooth.

It is also composed of a natural rawhide head, EZ Curve Rims, black coated side plates, and 9/32 diameter lugs for its tuning system. Moreover, there are matching bongos available for this item upon purchase. This is an awesome musical instrument to buy for practice or gifts. For its overall physical measurement, it has a dimension of 30 x 17 x 16 inches while a weight of 28.6 pounds.

#3. Meinl Percussion LC1212NT-M Artist Series Luis Conte Signature

Meinl Percussion LC1212NT-M Artist Series

Have a better gauge and edge than the rest of the percussionists by trying out this amazing Tumba drum. It is constructed using two-ply rubber wood which makes it durable. It emphasizes the Cuban style of folk music and is built with a specialized traditional tuning rim for these types of music and genre.

Looking at its skin, it has a natural wood matte finishing and the heads were genuinely made from buffalo skin. The side plates and hardware were coated with black powder for a good polishing appeal.

Technically speaking, the dimension of this instrument is composed of 30 inches as its height, heavier as it weighs 43.5 pounds, claims a standard surface area of 18.9 x 31.1 x 19.1 inches, 4 mm classic TTR rims, and 8 mm tuning lugs. The price was a bit higher than the Latin Percussion Aspire wood but of course, it is worth the money to pay for.

#4. Tycoon Percussion Master Hand Crafted Pinstripe Series

Tycoon Percussion Pinstripe Series Tumba

Experience the epic tribal look of these 12 1/2 Inch Tumbas and learn the distinctive sounds that these instruments produce! The Tycoon Tumbas is constructed with Siam Oak wood material and artistically crafted by hand in a carve pinstripe design and finishing. It was also built with high-quality water buffalo skin similar to the Meinl Percussion LC1212NT-M Artist Series Luis Conte Signature. In addition, it contains deluxe hoops and 3/6 diameter reinforced side plates for backing plates and tuning adjustments.

Moreover, you will encounter full bass sounds without hearing any sacrificing crisp slap tones. As to its physical appearance, it is 30 inches tall, 40 pounds in weight, and 18 x 18 x 31 in its dimension. It was also originally made proudly from Thailand.

#5. Latin Percussion LPA612-DW

Latin Percussion LPA612-DW LP Aspire Wood

Acquire an affordable yet state-of-the-art Tumba inspiration by Latin Percussion. This drum was actually similar to the specifications of the second product mentioned here in this context and they only differ when it comes to color.

To highlight the characteristics of this drum, it was built using Siam Oak wood with 2 ply shells, crafted with natural rawhide head, constructed with EZ Curve rims as well as the aspire side plates were coated with black powder. Choose the color that matches your music and style so that it can help you become motivated to practice and eventually become a professional in Tumbas!

#6. Latin Percussion LP Classic Model

Latin Percussion LP Classic Tumba

Playing Tumbas is a little bit trickier because you don’t just strike the head surface in any way you want. Actually, you have to compose rhythms, beats, and tempos in order to come up with great and lively sounds that can move anyone’s feet.

By doing so, you should consider having one of these Latin Percussion instruments and they offer wine red and chrome-colored Tumbas. This musical accompaniment was constructed using Siam Oak wood and 3 ply shell. It has also an extra fiberglass layer located on the upper part of the shell to provide additional strength.

It also contains a natural rawhide head, curve II rims, and 5/16 diameter reinforced LP side plates for best tuning options. As to its price, it seems the most expensive among all the products aforementioned, however, the quality of this product deserves to have a signature price. It’s a little bit lighter than the Meinl and Tycoon percussions and standard as to its dimensions. You should try this musical instrument so you may personally witness its amazing features.

#7. Gon Bops Tumba MB1225

Gon Bops Mariano Series Tumba

A different style of Tumba which were created out of the harvested Parawood plantation. It has compact hardware, traditional counter hoops, and was renamed after the famous musician of Gon Bops percussions – Mariano Bobadilla.

Moreover, the Gon Bops can produce a sweet tune and melody upon playing with them. Also, it is secured with three strands to make the balance of the Tumbas reliable and sturdy. These Tumbas are legendary and similar to the name of Mariano Bobadilla because of their unique and quality sounds.

If you’re curious about the price, it might be a little bit cheaper than the Latin Percussion wine red style Tumba. For its product information, it weighs 32.6 pounds and measures 31.7 x 17.6 x 17.5 inches.

#8. Meinl Designer Fibercraft Tumba

meinl designer fibercraft tumba

Add a dependable Tumba to your percussion collection. Made from premium fiberglass, MEINL Fibercraft Designer Tumba comes in a dazzling carbon finish which is not only commendable for its dependability but also great sound characteristics. This Tumba has great quality, durability, and volume, and is pretty impressive due to its resistance to climatic changes. With its great presence and brilliance in sound, this version of Meinl Tumba is great for both live playing and extensive road use.

This Tumba tests its height by up to 30.7 and weighs 29.5 pounds. It has an area of 8.3x 18,7x 30.7 inches, rounded SSR-Rims of 4 mm, and tuning lugs of 10 mm. The price is a little higher because of the quality of this Tumba compared to other Meinl models, but it’s worth the money to pay for it.

Which Tumbas Should You Buy?

In choosing the most outstanding and quality Tumba, you should determine first what musical genre you need to play. Generally, Latin Jazz is lively, mid to fast tempo, sharp, and usually redundant beating sounds that can make the listener’s groove to dance. Of course, the creation of Latin Percussions is the best partner for this type of music style.

On the other hand, if you’re a type of percussionist that loves the Merengue musical genre, you can actually pick Meinl, Tycoon, or Gon Bops Tumba so that you can play this music perfectly and appeal. As we all know, Merengue music is a little bit slow in tempo, deep, and beats redundantly that can manipulate the listener to dance gracefully.

Although you can actually use all of these Tumbas for both Latin Jazz and Merengue, of course, you need to choose the best beating sounds for your musical genre. Moreover, consider the other factors in your buying option such as budget, practicality, appearance, materials used for the build, features, and sound variations. You should get your Tumba now and experience the amazing beats and rhythms!

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