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10 Best Timbale Drum Sets For 2023 Reviews

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Timbales refer to a single-headed drum with a bracket that holds the shell to keep it secured. It also makes the sound of the drum solid when it is stroked by a pair of wooden sticks. Typically, you can generate a variety of rimshots and drum tones while playing along with your timbales.

It can be played in solos and it can also be combined with another set of drums and musical accompaniments to create a beautiful performance. In this context, you will be able to have ideas on which timbales to choose among these 9 best timbales for 2018. You may check these brands that were generally awesome in manufacturing quality timbale set namely GP Percussion, Latin Percussion, Toca, Meinl Percussion, AM Percussion, and Gon Bops. Just choose whatever drums fit your style, genre, and musical instincts.

PictureProduct NameToday's Special Price
GP Percussion LT156Check here!
Latin Percussion LP MatadorCheck here!
LP Karl PerazzaCheck here!
Latin Percussion LPA256Check here!
Latin Percussion John DolmayanCheck here!
Toca Pro LineCheck here!
Meinl Percussion MTT1415BKCheck here!
AM Percussion LIBRE Check here!
Gon Bops TB1415-KIT-1Check here!
Pearl PBTM1516/CCheck here!


#1. GP Percussion LT156 Timbale Drum Set

GP Percussion LT156 Timbale

Practice with your duo drums with this affordable yet quality drum set. It has already a sturdy stainless steel stand that can hold the timbales and it can be adjusted in accordance with the percussionist’s height. It also consists of wooden drumsticks, a tuning key, and a manual for a great beating performance.

The timbales were measured 13 inches and 14 inches as well as include a holder and center-mounted cowbell in black color. It’s an amazing percussion instrument to start your practice and lesson sessions so you can able to master any beats. Both the cowbell and the drums produce well-modulated and tuned sounds hence, it is awesome to use for music that entails decent and nice beats. It can be used for fast or slow tempo music.

Special Features:

  • 13 inches and 14 inches Timbales
  • Timbales with Quality, Stainless Steel, and Adjustable Stand
  • Includes Black Center-Mounted Cowbell
  • Overall Size: 26 x 31 x 46 inches
  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Available Color: Dark Grey Timbales
  • Made from China

#2. Latin Percussion LP Matador Chrome Timbales

Latin Percussion LP Matador

Set up your room into a musical four-corners and start your professional practice in an instant by purchasing this chrome-plated drum set, you will be motivated to play in semi-rock genres. These timbales consist of 14 inches, and 15 inches shell 6.5 deep, which can provide unique beating sounds and you can actually manipulate the tempo and melody while playing the drum set. Moreover, it releases a classic and excellent tune for any genre of music. It also consists of a white cowbell and thin drum sticks for the complete musical package.

Obviously, the appearance of the drum set is stunning and well-crafted due to the chrome-plated material used. It also comes with a quality, heavy-duty, and adjustable stand thus, you can even tilt it to have a better display of your timbales and a comfortable position to play. As to its price, it might be more expensive than the first product but if you choose quality over price then, this is the perfect drum set for you.

Special Features:

  • 14 inches and 15 inches Timbales with 6.5 deep
  • White Cowbell and Thinner Drum Sticks
  • Traditional Sounds
  • Quality, Adjustable, and Heavy-duty stand that can be tilted in any directions
  • Overall Size: 9 x 22 x 35 inches
  • Weight: 33.1 pounds
  • Available Color: Chrome-plated White
  • Made from Thailand

#3. LP Karl Perazzo Timbales

LP Karl Perazza Timbales

Get a professional drumming experience with these musical accompaniments that can provide you with a splendid performance. These timbales were built-in high-quality carbon steels and polished with antique bronze finishing. It is infused with Gold-Tone Hardware that can produce a traditional tuning system.

The shells were measured at 14 inches and 15 inches respectively with 6.5 inches deep. For the entire set, it contains cowbell brackets, a tuning wrench, timbale sticks, and a heavy-duty stand that can be tilted and adjusted to the most comfortable angle. This is slightly cheaper than the Latin Percussion LP Matador.

Special Features:

  • Polished with High-Quality Carbon Steels with Antique Bronze Finishing
  • Gold-Tone Hardware for Tuning System
  • 14 inches and 15 inches with 6.5 deep shells
  • Overall Size: 35 x 9 x 22 inches
  • Weight: 36.7 pounds
  • Available Color: Antique Bronze

#4. Latin Percussion LPA256 Aspire Series Timbale Set with Cowbell

Latin Percussion LPA256 Aspire Series

Energize the aura of your brand with this amazing drum kit that comes in 13 and 14 inches shells on a lustrous silver-coated plate. In addition, it contains a black cowbell, pair of sticks, standard tuning lugs and rods, adjustable double braced stainless steel stand, and triple-flanged hoops for a full performance gig.

The surface of the timbales has resonant tunes and it can also project loud as well as traditional sounds. Don’t hesitate to buy a Latin Percussion brand because their musical instrument was already trusted for over 50 years. Get the best price for this drum and play the beats in any genre that you desire.

Special Features:

  • 13 inches and 14 inches Timbales Shells
  • Adjustable Stainless Steel Stand
  • Overall Size: 8 x 31 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 29 pounds
  • Available Color: Lustrous Silver

#5. Latin Percussion John Dolmayan Mini Timbales

Latin Percussion John Dolmayan Mini Timbales

Experience the beating and tempo performance of hitting nickel-made drums that only Latin Percussion can offer. This John Dolmayan Mini Timbales version consists of black coated nickel-made plate shells measuring 6 and 8 diameters with 3 ¼ deep. As part of the musical set, it also includes a 5.7 inches lustrous cowbell to add more twists with the loud decent sound of timbales. The metal-mounted brackets were also plated with black powder coating.

Furthermore, when it comes to the sounds, it can play very well for both fills or Latin beats. The impact of the modulated tones was impressive and really profound as to the beating performance. This is worth the money to try for a Signature John Dolmayan timbales.

Special Features:

  • Signature Nickel Plated Shells from John Dolmayan Series
  • Black Nickel Coated Brackets and Cowbell
  • 6 and 8 diameters with 3 ¼ deep Shells
  • Overall Size: 16.7 x 10.4 x 7.1 inches
  • Weight: 6.6 pounds
  • Available Color: Stunning Black

#6. Toca Pro Line Timbales

Toca Pro Line Timbales

Witness the great rock sounds of this timbale from the Toca brand. Like the standard drum kits, it contains a cowbell, adjustable stand, wooden pair of sticks, uniquely-made brackets, and quality shells. Play this timbale to create a variety of musical strokes and rim shots for a unique drumming experience.

Special Features:

  • Creates Variety of Musical Strokes and Rim Shots
  • Overall Size: 34.4 x 26.3 x 8.7 inches
  • Weight: 33.6 pounds
  • Available Color: Antique Brown

#7. Meinl Percussion MTT1415BK Marathon Series Turbo

Meinl Percussion MTT1415BK Marathon Series

Meinl Percussion invented Turbo Timbales that contains extra deep shells to promote great bass tones and super projected sounds. It also releases dry, warm, and crisp responses. When you buy this set, the entire drum kit is composed of 14 and 15-inch shells, stainless steel adjustable stand, and a pair of sticks. You can begin your practice and jamming now with this amazing percussion instrument. It might be a bit pricey like the Latin Percussion LP Timbales – Chrome but this is a valuable item to try.

Special Features:

  • 14 and 15 inches deep shells
  • Black Powder Coated Shells and Brackets
  • 2 Worked in Flanges
  • Overall Size: 32 x 16 x 33 inches
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Available Color: Elegant Black
  • Made from Thailand

#8. AM Percussion Libre Timbale Set

AM Percussion Libre Timbale Set

Have a hands-on experience with this timbale brought by AM Percussion. It is actually good for your strict budget especially for those who want to try playing timbales. The drums were measured at 13 and 14 inches with 6.5 in height.

The cowbell and stainless steel stand were proved durable for a long-term drumming experience with this brand. When you play this AM Percussion Timbale, it produces bass tones and sharp sounds for a fast tempo and striking beats.

Special Features:

  • 13 and 14 inches Timbale shells
  • Contains a Black Cowbell with Holder
  • Adjustable Heavy-duty Stand
  • Overall Size: 29 x 21 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 20.7 pounds
  • Available Color: Shiny Dark Silver

#9. Gon Bops TB1415-KIT-1 Tumbao Timbales

Gon Bops TB1415-KIT-1 Tumbao Timbales

Embraced a new set of harmony and rhythm by considering this musical instrument as part of your list. The Gon Bops Tumbao Timbales were top-of-the-line products that can produce lively cascara, bright, and quality sounds for Rock, Jazz, and Latin music.

It was built with versatile and durable materials from the stand, to the shells, down to its Mega-Tripod base. The shells were measuring approximately at 14 and 15 inches while the stand features an extra clamp to lock the tube securely as well as increase the stability of the stand.

The low-profile hardware of Gon Bops Timbales was designed to come up with stand adjustments and tension rods that were flush with the rim. As additional freebies in the drum set, it also contains a double cowbell set, polishing cloth, stand, and drum sticks. This product was the most expensive among these musical instruments that were reviewed yet it offers great quality if you purchased this Timbale.

Special Features:

  • 14 and 15 inches Timbale Shells
  • Engineered with Cold-Rolled Steel Shells
  • Mega-Tripod Base with Extra Clamp
  • Overall Size: 23 x 8 x 38 inches
  • Weight: 40.9 pounds
  • GoDpsMusic Polish Cloth & Timbale Double Bell Set included
  • Available Color: Shiny Dark Silver
  • Made from Thailand

#10. Pearl PBTM1516/C Banda Timbales

pearl banda timbales

If you’re looking for timbales with loud full sound, Pearl has it for you. Pearl PBTM1516/C has steel shells that provide a loud full sound and extra deep shells for an added low end.

It’s built using versatile and durable materials from the stand to the shells, down to its base. The shells measure approximately 15 and 16 inches while the stand features double-braced with cowbell mount which is a quick solution for adding bells and blocks to your drum set.

Special Features:

  • Stand Included
  • Chrome Finish
  • Overall Size: 18 x 18 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 21 pounds

How to choose a perfect drum set that suits your style?

Some people use drums to relieve their stress and enjoy their spare time. It might be a different perception of others in which they buy drums to enhance their musical career paths. Whatever reason it is, you should label the specifications that match your skill, style, and genre.

First of all, you have to determine the basic things to check before purchasing timbales. You may refer to this list so you’ll have a better guide in your timbales shopping.

Assess the Sounds and Tuning System

In choosing the best timbales, you should test first the sounds and tuning system. You may visit a store and try to observe the musical instrument in an actual experience. You can actually even try to strike the drum to assess the sounds. You can also ask the vendor to assist you on how to adjust the tuning system so that you’ll know how to blend it with your style. Aside from the drums themselves, check the cowbell also if it has a decent sound that can be used to complement the sounds of the drums.

Check the Overall Appearance

Well, this is a matter of self-choice because this has something to do with your taste and preference. You might also consider black coated and chrome plated shells since these materials used are trusted with quality and durability.

Look for Extra Accompaniments

If you will buy a set, make sure it has additional accessories like a stand, cowbell, cleaning cloth, wrench, tuning lugs and rods, and more. This is a complete set and worth the price paying for this musical instrument.

Estimate Your Budget

Finally, manage your budget on how much you are willing to spend on buying a timbale musical instrument. Don’t hesitate to buy pricey instruments since these were generally above the standard quality. Look at the specifications carefully before choosing the best timbale that works with your music.

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