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6 Best Mounted Tambourines For Drums Reviews and Top Picks 2023

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A tambourine is a musical instrument typically derived from plastic or wooden frame. It contains pairs of small zils a.k.a. metal jingles to produce its sound. It belongs to the percussion family musical instruments and it can be played in a hand-held or mounted style.

You can easily notice the difference between a handheld and mounted tambourine because the latter has a metal holder that can be attached for drum kits. It varies also when it comes to its structure such as round or a half-moon in shape.

Learn tambourines now and fulfill your percussion instrument career by considering this wide selection of mounted tambourines from these signature brands consisting of YMC, Toca, Rhythm Tech, and Latin Percussion. Using any of these instruments, you can produce music variations in different genres such as rock, pop, and more.

ImageProduct NameToday's Special Price
YMC Half Moon Tambourine Check here!
Toca Jingle-Hit TambourineCheck here!
Rhythm Tech RT7420Check here!
Rhythm Tech DST10Check here!
Latin Percussion LP160Check here!
Lan.Beauty Drum Set TambourineCheck here!


Our Picks for The Best Quality Mounted Tambourines

#1. YMC Drum Set Half Moon Tambourine

YMC drum set half moon tambourine

Shake this amazing tambourine and listen to the jingling sound of its metal zils. This mounted percussion instrument can be easily attached to your high hat stand or other rods due to its locking bracelet. It can release perfect striking sounds because it was made from a unique polymer edge and it can also prevent stick noise. It is composed of 10 double rows of metal zils to produce louder sounds to accompany your music.

Special Features:

  • Made with Unique Polymer Edge
  • Contains 10 Double Rows Jingles
  • Overall Size: 10 x 2 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Available Colors: Pink, Black, Blue

#2. Toca Jingle-Hit Tambourine

Toca Jingle-Hit Tambourine

Grab this percussion instrument for a reasonable price and serve as a perfect musical accompaniment to your drum set. It can actually be played both for a handheld and mounted style approach. It produced loud sounds with a crisp, sharp, and appropriate pitch for rock or pop music.

It can be mounted on a percussion arm or a hi-hat rod which makes it versatile to use. Moreover, it is built with 6-ply wooden construction, contains a rubberized playing surface, and 5 double rows jingles for an amazing sound.

The metal mount part was made with steel and it was durable as to its grip hence, it was referred to as the Gibraltar dual post mount.

Special Features:

  • Built with 6 Ply Wood
  • Contains Gibraltar Dual Post Mount
  • Made with Rubberized Playing Surface
  • Overall Size: 8.9 x 8.1 x 5.6 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Available Color: White Rim with Black Edge

#3. RhythmTech RT7420 Hi-Hat Trick G2 Single Row

RhythmTech Hi-Hat tambourine

Accentuate your rock, pop, and classical music with this Rhythm Tech tambourine that comes with nickel-made jingles. It contains 8 single-row zils for brass Rhythm Tech sharp sounds.

It features a quick-release knob for a flexible mounting function and incorporates G2 specs for a stick-friendly and soft playing surface. In addition, it was constructed using a super tough polymer which makes it durable yet light. As to its price, it is cheaper than the Toca Jingle-Hit and a bit more pricey than the YMC tambourine.

Special Features:

  • Quick Release Clutch
  • Easy to remove from high hat and place on
  • 8 Single Row Nickel Zils
  • G2 Stick Friendly
  • Overall Size: 14.5 x 14.5 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 7 ounces
  • Available Color: Black
  • Origin: USA

#4. Rhythm Tech DST10 Drum Set Tambourine

RhythmTech DST10 Drum Set Tambourine

Accompany the beat of your drum set with this tambourine’s sharp, clear, and crisp jingling sounds. You will definitely create prominent rock or pop music by striking this percussion instrument. Furthermore, it is easily be installed in your rods. It possesses durable and rugged features for a unique polymer playing the edge. It has also a quick-release wing screw for easy assembly. It has an affordable price for a convenient buying experience.

Special Features:

  • 8 Double Row Jingles
  • Overall Size: 14.5 x 8.3 x 2.2 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Available Color: Black
  • Origin: USA

#5. Latin Percussion LP160 Mountable Cyclops Tambourine

Latin Percussion LP160 Mountable Cyclops Tambourine

Project a bright, jingling, crisp, and distinct sound with the use of this Latin Percussion tambourine. It contains a 7 double row metal zils, ergonomically designed for comfortable use, and uniquely structured in a round patented shape for a wrist and natural arm motions for greater playing ease.

The metal zils were constructed using a nickel-plated steel alloy for signature and sharp pitch sounds. Moreover, it contains a patented pinning system to keep the jingles stable while performing rock or pop music. When it comes to its mounting function, it used the LP’s forged eyebolt feature for secure placement in 3/8 diameter rods or hi-hat stand rods. It was a great product for high-quality features yet affordable prices.

Special Features:

  • Patented Pinning System for Stability
  • Built with Nickel Steel Alloy for Metal Zils
  • Contains LP’s Forged Eyebolt Assembly for Easy Mounting
  • 7 Double Row Metal Zils
  • Available Color: Black

#6. Lan.Beauty Drum Set Tambourine

lan beauty tambourine

Sturdy and durable, Lan. Beauty Drum Set Tambourine is perfect for percussion setups not only for its physical quality but also because of its sound. It has a locking bracket that will allow you to mount it in a high hat stand or other rods and can be mounted anywhere you want. The edges which are made from unique polymer make a perfect striking surface and also help reduce stick noise.

Special Features:

  • Overall Size: 10.5 x 8.5 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces
  • Available in 8 Double or 10  Row Jingles
  • Available Color: Black and Red

3 Key Considerations in Buying a Mounted Tambourine

#1. Rim Built

A rim is the body of the tambourine where the metal zils or jingles were attached in place. Typically, different brands offer a variety of rim built such as plastic or wooden-made. Well, if you want a traditional tone, you may choose a wood-based rim but if you prefer a modernized one, you might consider a plastic-made rim.

#2. Metal Zils – Single or Double Row

The pleasant tuning of your tambourine can be projected through the number of metal zils and rows that it contained. As far as the musical percussionist professionals are concerned, the more jingles mean the greater possibilities of sound variations to come up with. Also, it has something to do with the volume of the sound that the tambourine can create.

#3. Easily Mounted for Installation

Make sure to look for a brand that offers easy-mount tambourines for great convenience. It means you can actually attach your percussion instrument to any drum set. Also, you have to check with regards to the toughness of the mounting function, if it contains a secure hold so that it will provide an amazing experience while playing the instrument.

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