Best Bodhran Frame Drum for sale Reviews

The Top 8 Bodhrans and Frame Drums For Sale Reviews

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Frame drums are a type of percussion instrument that is typically characterized as a drum made from flexible wood as its round head frame and textile for its covering. Usually, there’s only one side of the drum that contains a covering while the other portion was left open to produce a distinct sound.

It is one of the ancient instruments that’s still existed up to this contemporary period and has innovated in different countries with sound variations and styles. Are you interested in buying this percussion instrument? Well, you have landed on the right page because you will know the detailed specifications and functions of the best frame drums.

Get to know the signature brands of frame drums namely Remo, Dobani, Mid-East, Roosebeck, and Trinity College. Pick the drum that fits your musical style!

PictureProduct NameToday's Special Price
Remo Fiberskyn 10″ Frame DrumCheck here!
Dobani Shaman 16″ Frame DrumCheck here!
Mid East PAN1 10-Inch PandeiroCheck here!
Remo 14″ Frame DrumCheck here!
Roosebeck BTN8BTCheck here!
Trinity College TB-4 Irish BodhranCheck here!
Remo Tar SKYNDEEP® Frame DrumCheck here!
World Wide Drums Frame DrumCheck here!


#1. Remo HD-8510-00 Fiberskyn

Remo Fiberskyn Frame Drum

The competitive advantage of Remo among the other brand is its patented drumhead with Remo Acousticon shell. As to its appearance, this 10-inch drum is composed of a wide-body shell, marble-like covering, and a thumb notch that contains four holes specifically positioned around the Account icon shell’s circumference.

The purpose of the four holes implies the increase of projection whenever you strike the drum using your palm or a mallet. In addition, it has a low-pitch and traditional sound as its amazing tonal characteristics. When it comes to its physical measurements, it is lightweight and standard as to its size of 10 x 10 x 10 inches. Moreover, it is versatile and weather-resistant as its extra features.

You will definitely get a quality drum at affordable costs if you try to purchase this musical instrument of Remo’s. It is advisable for beginners to enhance their percussion Bodhran skills.

#2. Dobani Shaman Interior Tuning

Dobani Shaman Frame Drum

Manage your practice to improve your percussion musical skill potential and try to play this world-class frame drum. As you can see, this instrument portrays an ancient style covering and the other face of the round head contains a crisscross design to increase the durability and tightness of the drum.

Moreover, it also portrays a vital role in making the tonal variation of this instrument sound interesting and unique. It has also a mallet made from tough wood as to its body and a quality cloth for its head.

What’s amazing about this drum, it is uniquely designed from a mulberry tree for its frame and goatskin for its head. It has also a leather beater as well as a tuning tool. In terms of its physical characteristics, it seems the lightest instrument as to its weight and a bit larger as compared to the other drums with a measurement of 1.6 pounds and 22 x 4 x 22 inches respectively. It might be a little bit pricey but it’s a worthy investment to buy because it was made by the best craftsmen in the world!

#3. Mid East PAN1 Pandeiro

Mid East PAN1 10-Inch Pandeiro

Improve your techniques in playing percussion instruments by trying out this awesome 10-inch Bodhran with 7 sets of steel-made jingles. Its covering was made from a tunable goat’s skin and it has also a tuning tool so you can adjust the tune to its better modulation.

This instrument was originated from Pakistan as one of the most beautiful musical instrument creations. Apart from the goat’s skin, they managed to build it with rosewood for its head frame which adds a twist in playing the instrument.

Moreover, this drum has an affordable price despite the decorative style of its appearance. It is also heavy weighing 8 pounds and measuring 8 x 14 x 14 inches. A must-try drum for you to experience and enhance your drum skills!

#4. Remo HD-8514-00 Fiberskyn Frame Drum

Remo 14" Frame Drum FIBERSKYN 3

Choose this musical instrument inspired by Remo with a patented Remo Acousticon shell. You will definitely play it marvelously because of its quality materials and awesome tone. It actually has similar features as mentioned in the first Remo frame drum instrument and they only differ as to its diameter and depth.

As you’ll notice, this drum measures 16.4 x 16.5 x 2.9 inches as to its surface area while weighing 2.1 pounds as to its weight. Like the Remo Drum in the first list, it also contains four holes for the thumb notch so that you can hold and strike the surface of the drum perfectly. So, try this one if you feel that you’ll need a larger size of Remo’s drum. When it comes to its price, it is doubled as compared to the 10 diameters one. However, you would still experience amazing tones and vivid sounds using this musical instrument.

#5. Roosebeck BTN8BT Inside Tunable Bodhran T-Bar

Roosebeck BTN8BT Inside Tunable Bodhran T-Bar

A neophyte musician like you can be profound in playing this instrument because of its technical specifications. It is built with goat’s skinhead for the covering and mulberry wood for the head frame. It has also a detachable T-bar feature with an 18″ X 3.5″ shell size for wrist and hand support to achieve a comfortable hold.

In addition, it has an adjustable tuning system built in its hardware which is located invisibly inside the frame. It also contains a wrench and tipper tool for adjusting the frame of the musical instrument.

The distinctive characteristic of this percussion Bodhran is its rhythmic accompaniment for the Irish and Celtic type of music. Moreover, it is visibly sleek and edgy as to its physical design which makes it look neat and sophisticated. When it comes to weight, it is light and standard as to its size. The price is competitive but it is reasonable due to its world-class features.

#6. Trinity College TB-4 Irish Bodhran

Trinity College TB-4 Irish Bodhran

Acknowledge the Celtic and Irish music by embracing their musical instrument accompaniments. Learn to play the trinity college frame Bodhran with ease. As you take a closer look at this drum, it composes of an 18 diameter circumference and a twin crossbar as its skeleton for a sturdy foundation. It has also a laminated wood rim and genuine natural white goat’s skinhead to make it appear authentic, unique, and tribal as to its sound.

Furthermore, it has a polished hardwood tripper that resembles the physical appearance of a thin bone. The amazing sounds of this drum when used by a beater, it produce a high pitch tone. Actually, it has amazing tonal variations when played with different styles of tippers.

It has a standard weight and size measuring 3 pounds and 18 x 18 x 3.5 inches respectively. Also, the price is not too expensive and it is a recommended instrument due to its features and price.

#7. Remo Tar SKYNDEEP

Remo Tar SKYNDEEP® Frame Drum

Strive hard for your potential and show off your musical instincts by trying out this deluxe percussion instrument brought by Remo. As to its dynamic details, it was crafted with SKYNDEEP patent in its fixed drumhead, which was made from goatskin.

It can release professional sounds and to its relative profound and desired tones. This amazing percussion instrument can provide natural beating sounds with great resonances.

Furthermore, the appearance of this instrument looks authentic and exactly portrays a goat brown stripe design. It is practically handy due to its lightweight feature and the standard size of 22.2 x 22.2 x 3.5 inches. Overall, the features of this product were outstanding hence, the price was reasonably set because of its quality and distinguishing characteristics. A definitely recommended drum for beginners and professional musicians.

#8. World Wide Drums

world wide drums frame drum

Native American-inspired, this frame drum is handmade and carefully crafted by a master craftsman in Minnesota. Not only reliable with its sound quality, but this drum also has its sound as beautiful as its look.

The frame which is primarily constructed from cedar wood stave and the drum head from deer hide, this drum beats almost all the frame drums in the market with its native look. An added attention is its walnut finish through the stain.

The sound which is very resonant and lively can be expected with the mallet included. Plus, it’s very practical as it is only 14.4 ounces with an overall size of 10 x 10 x 3 inches.

Tips for Purchasing Quality Bodhrans

Buying a perfect frame drum might take time especially you have to consider the sound quality, rhythm accompaniments, appearance, durability, versatility, and uniqueness of the musical instrument.

As mentioned above, you may refer to this context and read again the overall reviews of the products namely Remo, Dobani, Mid-East, Roosebeck, and Trinity College. Make sure that when you purchase, try to consider your budget and you may visit a store to see the product personally and have it a try.

Learn, play and practice to enhance your musical talent even more. Hopefully, these reviews will guide you in choosing the best among the rest.

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